Since launching the Labia Library, we’ve received so many amazing and inspirational comments.

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“Thank you!! I want to cry because I am so relieved. I felt like I had no clue if I looked normal and was worried and this helped put things into perspective for me and gave me more appreciation for my body. I am very glad to have found this. Thank you.” Feedback provided via online survey

“I am 18 years old and I have been worrying about my vulva for years. I felt a great relief after seeing your labia library and realising that vulvas come in all shapes and sizes and that I should not feel ashamed of mine just because it does not look like a porn star’s. I just wanted to thank you for making me understand a little bit more about my body and the female sexual world. Now I feel much more confident about myself.” Buenos Aires

“Thank you, thank you so so so so so much for making this page, posting these pictures and this information. It’s changed my views about myself and my “area” invaluably. I’m 28 years old and I have never come across anything so honest - I will be sharing with my closest friends. Thank you.” United Kingdom

“I’m 44. This is the most helpful, liberating thing I’ve seen. Thank you. I wish I had this in my early 20s. I just shed tears of relief and regret for the self-consciousness I’ve suffered my entire life.”  U.S.A

“I found your website so refreshing and honest, and I can honestly say after looking at your website I don’t feel ‘weird’ or unusual, or that I should be doing something differently about how I look ‘down there’. Thank you for being so direct about women’s genitals, I’ve found it’s not something that’s often discussed - and as you say on the website - lots of women have no idea what is normal.”  United Kingdom

“Great work. Thank you. I’m 66 years old and this is the first time I had this information. Always thought my bits didn’t look normal and never had the courage to ask. Now I know they are just fine. YEA. Well presented info, relaxed, kind and important.” Feedback provided via online survey

“I loved your website as is was written confidently, and not awkward to read as it can be when discussing anything remotely related to genitalia. I’m studying to be a nurse and I’ve always found that being frank about a sensitive issue and getting it out in the open is the best way to overcome it sometimes.” Feedback provided via online survey

“I nearly cried when I read through your website as I have been so self-conscious about myself for years. If I ever have a daughter, I’ll send her straight here… And I’ll make sure the subject is nowhere near as awkward to talk about as it was when I was growing up…” United Kingdom

“I don’t know if anyone is going to see this, but thank you. Long story short, I was really self-conscious about my labia, so self conscious I was looking in to labia surgery…my self-consciousness started from seeing someone in a porn film, I didn’t mean to click on it, but from there I was like “Well, mine don’t look like that…” and I just got really depressed. The Gallery made me realize that nobodies is perfect, no natural woman’s labia is perfect. And I think I really needed that.” Feedback provided via online survey

“I think its great to show the differences. I am 38 and I have thought for a long time that I need labia surgery it’s a relief to see many like me. Thank you for taking my worst insecurity and making me feel normal.” Feedback provided via online survey