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When people say vagina, what they’re often talking about is actually the vulva, or more specifically,
the labia.

Labia are the lips or folds of skin that sit on either side of the vaginal opening. You might also call them flaps. Whatever word you use, it’s worth knowing that labia are all different. Sometimes this isn’t obvious from what you see on the internet or in pornography, or just general ideas of what ‘normal’ labia look like.

The Labia Library is about showing you that, when it comes to labia, there is no one version of normal.

Just like any other part of the body, labia come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. They’re also really important in sex and they keep your vagina healthy.

Women’s Health Victoria has developed the Labia Library to bust common myths about how ‘normal’ labia look. There’s also a photo gallery that shows you just how unique everyone’s labia are, and includes people across a wide range of ages, genders and experiences.

 I’m 44. This is the most helpful, liberating thing I’ve seen. Thank you. I wish I had this in my early 20s.

Labia Library visitor from USA

 Thank you!! I want to cry because I am so relieved. I felt like I had no clue if I looked normal.

Labia Library visitor

 Thanks for this AMAZING resource!! It gave my daughter such an intense sense of relief.

Labia Library visitor

 I’m 66 years old and this is the first time I had this information. Always thought my bits didn’t look normal and never had the courage to ask.

Labia Library visitor

 I am 18 years old and have been worrying about my vulva for years. I felt great relief after seeing your labia library. Now I feel much more confident about myself.

Labia Library visitor from Buenos Aires

 I nearly cried when I read through your website as I have been so self-conscious for years. If I ever have a daughter, I’ll send her straight here.

Labia Library visitor from United Kingdom

 I am 38 and I have thought for a long time that I need labia surgery. Thank you for making me feel normal.

Labia Library visitor
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