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About us

The Labia Library is an initiative of Women’s Health Victoria (WHV), an independent, feminist, not-for-profit women’s health promotion, advocacy and support service with a proud history of more than 30 years.

In 2012, WHV received funding from the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust to develop this website in response to a rise in demand for female genital cosmetic surgery.  The Labia Library aims to promote positive body image by providing evidence-based health information and unmodified and non-sexualised photographs of labia to demonstrate their diversity. 

This website has been developed with the input of cis women, transgender and gender diverse people and a range of professionals working in women’s health, including gynaecologists, psychosexual health specialists, sex educators and general practitioners. 

The photographs in the gallery were taken by Katie Huisman and Breeana Dunbar.

  • Photographs by Katie Huisman are taken from the book I’ll Show You Mine and are reproduced with kind permission from Show Off Books. Photographs are copyright 2011 Show Off Books. All rights reserved.
  • Photographs by Breeana Dunbar are copyright 2024 Breeana Dunbar. All rights reserved.

Website designed by Shannon Towell.

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