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Since launching the Labia Library, we’ve received thousands of amazing and inspirational comments from people around the world.

 I’m 44. This is the most helpful, liberating thing I’ve seen. Thank you. I wish I had this in my early 20s.

Labia Library visitor from USA

 Thank you!! I want to cry because I am so relieved. I felt like I had no clue if I looked normal.

Labia Library visitor

 Thanks for this AMAZING resource!! It gave my daughter such an intense sense of relief.

Labia Library visitor

 I’m 66 years old and this is the first time I had this information. Always thought my bits didn’t look normal and never had the courage to ask.

Labia Library visitor

 I am 18 years old and have been worrying about my vulva for years. I felt great relief after seeing your labia library. Now I feel much more confident about myself.

Labia Library visitor from Buenos Aires

 I nearly cried when I read through your website as I have been so self-conscious for years. If I ever have a daughter, I’ll send her straight here.

Labia Library visitor from United Kingdom

 I am 38 and I have thought for a long time that I need labia surgery. Thank you for making me feel normal.

Labia Library visitor
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